Muzeul Orb/the Blind Museum

The Blind Museum, established in 2010, is an autonomous institution with the aim of negotiating the lacks in history based on the museum's authority. Claiming itself form the particularities of 20th century art system, BM doesn’t have any models to forward. It exists even though it doesn’t (yet) shelter or exhibit works of art. The museum is in search of both a premises and a gaze which to model.
The condition that launched the Museum is the lack of historical discourses of recent Romanian art. As a young artist that needs to reflect upon the history of his/hers society and needs to find within this history artists and works to which to react to, either critically or in admiration, the lack of coherent narratives of recent art history is reclaimed as an aberration. The Blind Museum is the context in which this situation is reflected upon.
Further on, the institution developed into reflections on the authoritative nature of the institution of the museum, the ideology of the white cube and the hegemony of masculine canon in Western art.
Recently, the museum has worked as a framework for identifying invisible mechanisms of power involving contemporary and historical conditions.
It remains an institution which elaborates on a formalism of dystopia and paradox.

The Blind Museum , first opening, Atelier 35, april 2010. Views of the installation below: