Other Us (exhibition)

opening: 05.11.2012 @ Platforma

We have dutifully celebrated the 1st of December (the alleged Romanian National Day). With a talk on the situation of AIDS-diagnosed people in Bucharest. The workshop for reimagining identity has ended. From the Other Us remain various flags, video and written documentations, read and unread books, messages on walls, drawings, mindmaps and some blue, yellow, red canvas.

Flags by: 
Irina Botezatu, Larisa David, Răzvan Drăgoi, Simona Dumitriu, Ileana Faur, Veda Popovici, Jean-Lorin Sterian, Alexandra Terzi, Daniel Tristan, Roxana Vasile.

Resources and interventions: 
the Alternative Library (Biblioteca Alternativă), the Library of the Fan-club of Romanian Successes (Biblioteca Fan-Clubul Reuşitelor Româneşti), Larisa David, Ger Duijzings, h.arta, Mihai Lukacs, Arnold Schlachter.