In the Name of the Father. An anti-prayer



kvir feminist actziya Vienna

In the name of the father is an impossible physical performance in which the body of a woman confronts the oppressed position which she occupies through self-violence. By violently enacting the specificity of a womanly body, this body (my own) speaks to „the father”, an entity encapsulating multiple oppressive entities: the father – head of mononuclear, heterosexual family; god – head of christian religion; capital; empire – as the geo-system of colonialism and neo-colonialism.
The performance initially proposes a seemly submissive posture – on knees, head covered – performing an equally submissive ritual – a prayer only to try and appropriate them in an emancipatory dimension. The anti-prayer is a ritual of revolt and killing, of empowerment and rejection. Not a curse, the anti-prayer is a painful ritual in front of an icon representing the ideal physical expression of the performer. The performance ultimately addresses some key radical feminist debates: emancipation through violence, essentialism and culture-based identity, cisidentity and queer. Also it opens the question of the intersectionality of the oppressive structures sketched above from the character of „the Father”.

 >>> Fragment from the text:                                                                                                                                                                        >>> The icon, drawing.

„In the name of the Father.

In the name of the Father.
In the name of the Father.
I look for You, I dig You out.
How much pleasure can we afford?
A maximal and total pleasure that annuls me
A woman turned upside down.
How much light can you afford when the light is not yours? It is someone else's.
The thick fingers are not enough, the long arm not even, your whole body: 
sink it back and it won't be enough.
The whole world remains to be devoured. A destructive desire.
A hand. And with the other I'm making a cross.
In the name of the Father.In the name of the State.
In the name of the Empire.
In the name of Capital.
In the name of You, Masters, I clog myself.
I silence myself. Cover myself. Blind myself.
In your name I turn my refused gaze in myself.
The lacking Rib? But I am Lack itself.